[POLL] Vote For Your Worst Shirley Bassey Song Ever – Is it #WeGotMusic ??

The latest DSB song “We Got Music” has received very mixed reactions:

Scott: “Excellent new Latin-type dance tune written by the talented Dario G with superb Dame Shirley Bassey vocal backing.”
Paul: “An utter embarrassment for DSB, let’s try to forget about this disgrace of a song as quickly as we possibly can.”
Philip: “Not worth the effort of getting out of bed.”

Contrasting opinion and initial suggestions by Dean and Paul inspired the following poll to find your least favourite Bassey song:

7 thoughts on “[POLL] Vote For Your Worst Shirley Bassey Song Ever – Is it #WeGotMusic ??”

  1. I am a long time DSB fan and I think ‘We got music’ is just great. It’s just good to have a new song from Shirley. She cant keep singing the same songs forever…well she can and I would have no objection to that but this is NEW everyone and she sounds in very good voice. She could add it to a new CD of new songs perhaps? PLEASE!


    1. I respond to Allen in kindness. I so enjoy her work.” We Got Music” is yet another depth that Dame Shirley can attain. We all must hope for more departures from what you write as “same songs”. DSB must get so very bored with singing “same songs”.


  2. I like all the songs mentioned above that he calls’ DSB’s worst ever songs, the 80’s duets on that 4 track 12″ single were great! One does have songs that one likes more than others- naturally. The 1975 song ‘Living’ is one I not particularly fond of—but no such thing as a ‘worst ever DSB song’. Brian Matthew the oldest Radio 2 D.J. says that Shirley’s version of La Bamba is the worst version of that song, by the way.


    1. I a question of taste…. some you like some you don’t… I really love ‘Living’ – I really love “We Got Music” and everyone I has played it too also did. The mid 80’s singles were in my opinion not the best…. but I don’t dislike them. The production on these recordings are not great and Shirley Bassey’s voice was badly recorded….IMHO….


  3. in a career as long as Shirley`s you cannot possibly like every song. I have often wished that Shirley has sung all songs `live` first and then recorded a version. Worst recording was the JAMES BOND ALBUM and the biggest disappointment was `we have all the time in the world` a stunning song , remember Louis Armstrong on the film track? `Silly love songs ` is poor


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