Music written by Carl Davis, Lyrics by Norman Newell
Released in 1984 on a soundtrack single with “He Needs Me” on the B-side. This song has never been released on CD. This song is the original theme of the British 1984 movie Champions.

The composer is Carl Davis who conducted the London Symphony Orchestra for Shirley’s album I Am What I Am.

Don’t confuse this song with the other song Sometimes from 1977.

Review By Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

John Hurt plays the British jockey Bob Champion in this true story of how Champion overcame cancer and the rigors of chemotherapy for an impressive personal and professional comeback. Just as Champion is in the middle of a vacation in Kentucky, he finds out he has cancer, and, like others before him, submits to the full, painful treatments of multiple injections and radiation, suffering as much or more from the cure as from the illness (these treatments are graphic). Gaunt and nauseous, Champion also endures realistic meetings with his doctors that hold forth no guarantee of a cure. His eventual remission leads to yet another gruelling physical schedule to get him back into shape for the Grand National Steeplechase – a 30-fence, well-publicized race that offers difficult hurdles for both the horses and their jockeys. 1981 he wins the race on the horse Aldaniti.








Sometimes when things go wrong
We try to understand
Why the world stops turning
And takes away the things we planned
And sometimes we walk alone
No one appears to care
Sometimes we long for someone
To be the answer to every prayer

When through the mist of my tears I saw you
I knew I’d waited for you
To find all the dreams that lost their way

Who knows if we will win
God knows we won’t give in
There is no yesterday now
There’s just today now
To find my way with you

Some say that miracles never happen
But now I know they happen
When love comes along to show the way

Who knows if we will win
God knows we won’t give in
There is no yesterday now
There’s just today now
To find my way
With you




To play the song click the player below please


For the B-side of the single click the player below please

Below the cover of the Japenese version of the single with special thanks to DavidB.

SB - Sometimes 3 - Japan

SB - Sometimes 4 - Japan

7 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 340 -1984-”

  1. Pieter, once again you have outdone yourself. I agree with Jair…and I absolutely love this archive. The collaboration of Carl Davis and Norman Newell to write this lovely, poignant song. Dame Shirley does a fantastic job interpreting it lyrically with such feeling. Dame Shirley looks very pretty in the above album photographs. Thanks again Pieter…great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Pieter for this archive and I agree with sbettybool, Shirley sings the song with great emotion and with such power. I have never understood why this song never became more popular in her repertoire; as far as I can recall she only performed it a few times on television and once in a concert (I think?). Once in an interview with Russell Harty she said she thought this would replace This Is My Life at the end of shows – it never did.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Terry. I remember that Russel Harty show and her saying that. It is such a lovely and dynamic song of the same caliber as This Is My Life.


  3. Pieter. Do you know if Dame Shirley sang this song after the passing of her daughter Samantha? Seems it could have special meaning for her after going through that and the song came during or not too long after that terrible experience. Would you or anyone happen to know? Sorry, to make so many comments…LOL!!!


    1. sbettybooi – Shirley’s daughter passed away in 1985, at the tender age of 21 years old, which was one year after these recordings were released. I was going to attend one of her concerts in Hollywood California, and a sign was posted at the entrance that the concert was postponed. I missed reading it in the papers. This song is special as it does make one reflect back on their life. Shirley has always been so good about choosing great songs to record, and this one is exceptional, in my humble opinion.


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