Interview with Terry Wogan 1987

MDS00135Today an interview with Terry Wogan who sadly passed away last Sunday. Dame Shirley also performs her hit The Rhythm Divine with Swiss pop group Yello.

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Terry Wogan 1987”

  1. Dame Shirley seems such a natural, a delightful, beautiful women, fabulous entertainer, and always beautifully attired. Lovely song, and an interview, and a personality you will always remember. May his soul rest peacefully. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. This is a great interview Pieter – thank you. I have to agree with Sharlane; Shirley looked stunning as always. Terry Wogan was a great interviewer, never taking himself too seriously which always made for a relaxed time with his guests; you can tell that with Shirley.


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  3. Pieter, thanks for sharing this. Last weekend an end came to an era of superb broadcasting the likes of which we are unlikely to see again.
    Terry was a quality on its own. As I tuned into BBC Radio 2 somewhere in 1973, during my morning break at school, I recognised even at age what a marvellous talent he was. I used to crack up loudly when he and Jimmy Young were at it again. His TV shows were a great success, but his radio shows were one of a kind, really up to the last broadcast.
    Radio 2 will never be the same again.
    Terry was one of those who were an inspiration, to me anyway as he was the one who taught me English. Well, someone has to be blamed, hm?
    Tell, thanks for being my friend and kindness you showed when we met.

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