Record sleeves from the past.

They say vinyl is making a come back so as a new feature I thought it might be interesting to show different vinyl sleeves of Shirley’s records from the past.  These will include sleeves of albums, EPs and singles from different countries.  Several of the promo albums from Japan were never released.  All the sleeves that are featured are from my own record collection.

The first one is a Japanese promo of an album called ‘Goldfinger’ on the EMI label.  This is a compilation album containing 12 tracks.  I do not know if this was ever released with this sleeve.  I have 3 versions of albums with this title from Japan all with the same tracks but different sleeves.  The other two sleeves will be shown later.  I have to be honest and admit that I really do like Japanese albums especially if they still have the obi.  They released a number of albums with really great sleeves.


4 thoughts on “Record sleeves from the past.”

  1. I look foreward to see some new record sleeves.
    Interesting that there is so many different, rare material around this great, unique singer.
    Many thanks for sharing this with us!

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  2. Thank you very much David B for sharing your vinyl album sleeves with us DSB fans. This one happens to be also one of my very, very favorite of DSB. I love the outfit she is wearing, the jewelry, hairstyle and the great pose. DSB looks cool, mysterious and classy in that picture. Who can top DSB in taking pictures? Thanks again my friend.

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  3. Lovely. I hope we eventually get a coffee table book of high quality photos spanning her career — something higher end than “My Life On Stage” or whatever it was called. Such a beautiful woman.

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