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A release on the United Artists label this 12 track compilation was issued in Spain.  All of the tracks are from Shirley United Artists recordings.

When I first saw this album I thought it was a reissue of the ‘Something’ album  as it was advertised under that title.  As I collected and in fact still do collect records with different sleeves I ordered it and to be totally honest didn’t really take notice of the track listing as I had no need to play the record.  It was only later I noticed it had ‘This Is My Life’ on that I looked at the tracks.  Although the majority are from the ‘Something album it isn’t a straight reissue.  I’m not sure if the same album was released in Mexico but there is a Mexican 4 track EP with the same sleeve design.  A nice album with an unusual sleeve.

SB - Something Spain 2

SB - Something Spain 3

The Mexican EP sleeve:

SB - Something EP - Mexico



Another album that was only released in  Australia and this one is titled ‘Above All Others’.  It was issued on the EMI label and contains 14 tracks, all from her Columbia recordings.  Unfortunately there is no date again on the record so I’m not really sure when it was released.

Although ‘Goldfinger’ and a couple of her more well known songs are included on this album it’s nice to see songs such as ‘Angel D’Amore’, ‘Count On Me’, ‘Now’ and ‘To Be Loved By A Man’ included.  When I became a fan many years ago Shirley had just recorded ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ which I absolutely loved.  I adored the intensity she displayed when she sang it on TV shows along with some of her other ballads.  I looked forward to her releases and always loved the ballads.  One of my favourites was ‘Above All Others’ when it was issued and remains one of my favourites today.  I have been fortunate to have been a fan since early 1960 and I’m still as crazy today as I was all those years ago.  To me this is a great album as it has some really lovely songs on from the 60’s which bring back spa many great memories.  My friends all thought I was mad for liking her at the time and said she’d be forgotten in a few years.  How wrong they were!!

A really nice release with a very simple b/w sleeve.

SB - Above All Others



I first heard about this album back in 1982 but wasn’t able to get it and had no idea what the sleeve was like or what songs it had on it.  I jut knew it was from Japan and on the EMI label and called ‘Beautifully Impassioned Singing’.  I then saw a photo of the sleeve on the internet and thought I’d love to get a copy.  Around 18 month’s ago I managed to get a copy and although the vinyl was excellent the sleeve was a little worn but totally acceptable.  However a couple of month’s ago I managed to get a mother copy with a sleeve in a much better condition and the vinyl never played.  I was absolutely delighted to get it.

This is a 12 track compilation album and as already stated it’s on the EMI label.  This is No 8 in a series of albums under that title featuring various artists.  As expected there are  several hits included such as ‘Goldfinger’, ‘What Now My Love’ and ‘As Long As He Needs me’.  The sleeve shows a concert shot of Shirley probably taken in the ’70s.  A really lovely release.  I have to be honest and admit that I particularly love Japanese albums as the quality is usually excellent.

SB - Beautifully Impassioned Singing a - Japan

SB = Beautifully Impassioned Singing a 2 - Japan


Released in Greece on the EMI label this is a 12 track compilation album called ‘Mega Portrait’.  There is no year on the record for when it was issued.

The 12 tracks are from Shirley’s Columbia recordings.  Not surprisingly it includes some of her big hits from that label including ‘Goldfinger’, ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ and ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’.  I’ve always wondered why ‘Reach For The Stars’ which was a double sided No 1 hit for Shirley along with ‘Climb Every Mountain’ isn’t included in many compilation albums.  When it is then the single release version is very rarely used (as far as I know never on a vinyl album at all).  Once again it isn’t included on this album.  A nice album with a portrait of Shirley used instead of a photograph.

SB - Mega Portrait - Greece