Happy Birthday! Dame Shirley

On behalf of the Blog Team and all fans we wish Dame Shirley Bassey a wonderful birthday!

Dame Shirley spent Christmas and New Years Eve in Monte Carlo as you could see on Instagram and Facebook. The featured image is by her friend Manel Dalgo where Dame Shirley is pictured in front of the famous Monaco Christmas tree and the gown by Isabell Kristensen.  Below a picture she posted on Christmas on Instagram where she wrote: ‘My Christmas this year has been spent with music & dancing! Wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas filled with love, health & happiness!’

On New Years Eve she bumped into singer Georgia Cécile at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club who performed there that night and who was ecstatic about meeting Dame Shirley.
She wrote: ‘Dame Shirley Bassey. I love you beyond words. The best singer who ever lived. I can’t believe it I’m crying my eyes out. The last 3 nights I’ve been watching her documentaries on YouTube filling my soul with her magic, and then in a fleeting moment the universe somehow brought her to me tonight. A glimpse of magic. Thank you thank you thank you.’

For New Year Dame Shirley posted the following message on her Instagram:

I’ve decided that this year I will spend more time with friends & family. Love & health are what matter most! ❤️

So do what you love, look after your health as a priority, and take time to do something that’s just for you!

Happy New Year, everybody!
Love Dame x


Some other exciting news for this jubilee year is that on the 21.st of September this year a Dame Shirley Bassey stamp will be released.