Hear a remastered track from the shelved CD set.

Richard Moore is the guy who remastered the tracks for the EMI 3 CD set ‘Shirley’ which was disappointingly shelved.  I also knew of Richard’s work as he had remastered tracks by Matt Monro which have been released and which I’ve bought.  It came to my attention that he was to appear as a telephone guest on Siren FM which is a local radio station in Lincolnshire.  I had heard that he occasionally appears on the show to talk about projects he has been doing.  Would he talk about the Dame Shirley project I wondered so taking the bull by the horns I contacted him to ask.

Richard was very pleasant and he told me the programme was to be on 8th February and he would be on sometime around 5.45pm to 6.15pm.  He also said he would be talking about the Dame Shirley project and was planning to play a remastered track from it.  He also stated though that it would not be one of the unreleased tracks unfortunately but probably one of the rarer tracks.  I asked Richard if I was allowed to promote this and he was very happy for me to do it.  From what I’ve heard Richard takes great pride in his work and is excellent at it.

The details are as follows :-  Siren FM  8th February between 5.45pm – 6.15pm.  To hear it you can use the link  http://www.sirenonline.co.uk

I personally am looking forward to it as what Richard does is something that interests me very much and to put the crown on the top of it we get to hear a newly remastered Shirley track.  Thank you Richard.

Dame Shirley , Germany 30th January 2012