[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – If You Go Away (Colimbia 1937 Remix)

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8 thoughts on “[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – If You Go Away (Colimbia 1937 Remix)”

  1. I am Happy with the Original Recordings by Dame Shirley,,But i agree with you Pruette this remix is not ruined like most of Dame Shirley,s Recordings, are these Remixers Getting the message at last ,, the last one GOLDFINGER was also acceptable, but these remixes do bring a younger fan i surpose to the WONDERFUL VOICE of Dame Shirley Bassey,

    Dennis C.I


  2. I am only a quarter through this track and I can tell you- I’m already high (?!!) I want to listen to this over and over again, with a glass of wine- watching the sun set on a Grecian Island- with someone holding my hand…..just fabulous, thankyou 🙂


  3. Wow! The Blogs on a roll, The Great Diana Ross’ input on the recent Goldfinger remix was adorable. As was said recently by another fan ‘one way or another atleast Bassey’s material is introduced to a new generation of music lovers’, despite my & others occassional thumbs down on some of these remixes. But this one is SLAMMIN!!!! Absolutely Beautiful and Classy to the caliber of The Queen of Classic Pop Vocals. You can really get into this one over and over again .Thank you Blog and Artist for it’s unveiling.


    1. It was Myself Emmit ,, who commented ABOVE,, Dennis ,C.I about the Younger Fan Being brought to DAME SHIRLEY,S Fantastic Voice & TALENT Through REMIXES ,such as GOLDFINGER , & IF YOU GO AWAY,
      I am sure we Lifetime Fans of BASSEY CLASSICS Don,t Mind The Remixes if they are made for us to see them from a DIFFERENT ANGLE as long as they are still RECONISABLE & Not Ruined as most of them are,
      In these two latest Remixes,all FOUR of us BASSEY FANS seem to have found the DIFFERENT ANGLE We seem to enjoy,,,Pruette,, Mikey Mike, You Emmit ,& Myself, Lets Keep our Fingers Crossed For the Next One,

      Dennis Channel Islands


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