He Lives In A World Of His Own

Today a repost of a previous blog. The song He Lives In A World Of His Own was never released unfortunately. I hope you enjoy it again.

cover IGASFYThis is a demo of a song Shirley Bassey recorded in 1966 from the musical “Oliver” for the album “I’ve got a song for you” but this song was not included on the actual album. This album has been re-released on CD along with the album “And we were lovers”.

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He lives in a world of his own:

trkl016gHow can I tell him I love him?

When he lives in a world his own.

How do you make a man listen?

When the man you love stands alone.

I can’t demand his attention,

Like a child who is not fully grown,

How can I show him I love him?

When he lives I a world of his own?

trkl016fLord knows I do the best I can,

To give the best in me.

But when he needs me most of all,

I stand by helplessly.

trkl016eHow can I tell him I love him?

When he is never alone?

How can I show him,?

When I hardly know him,

He lives in a world of his own.





This post concludes the fourth series of ‘From The Archive’. There will be a break before I start with the new series. I want to leave you all for this series with some great photos of Dame Shirley Bassey taken this year and a fantastic medley of DSB remixes including the new 2014 release, We Got Music, mixed with some earlier Bassey hits. I hope you all enjoy the music and we will leave all options open for new things to happen for 2014 isn’t over yet! Who knows what other exciting things we can expect during this year?





What better way to remember the year 2013 then with this fabulous performance of Dame Shirley in Hamburg.
It seems like yesterday. Five songs but six standing ovations! One standing ovation lasted over 20 minutes and Dame Shirley was overwhelmed in perfect voice and looking stunning as ever.

2013 A (blog)

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New Photos – Radiant Dame Shirley Bassey at London Restaurant

Dame Shirley Bassey 23 Jun 2014 01

Yesterday Dame Shirley was among celebrities visiting Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in Marylebone, London. The event was reported by irreverent celebrity gossip site, Holy Moly, who remarked “Fortunately, Dame Shirley Bassey was in town to up the glamour factor, OMG” as demonstrated in our photo slideshow below…

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