Göttinnen unsere Zeit Hamburg -Dame Shirley Bassey-

Laeiszhalle Hamburg
Laeiszhalle Hamburg

Last night Astrid and I saw Dame Shirley Bassey at the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg and it was just spectacular. Not only did Dame Shirley get a standing ovation at the her entrance and exit to the the stage but after EVERY song! Dame Shirley got very emotional because of the wonderful reception she got and she promised to COME BACK! Both Astrid and I were interviewed by the German radio station NDR-2.

The voice was in perfect shape and she looked fabulous of course wearing the white gown she also wore for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee concert.

She did 5 songs: Goldfinger, Something, Diamonds Are Forever, The Lady Is a Tramp & I Am What I Am.

The orchestra was fabulous and it must have been great for her to perform with such a large group of great musicians.

Newspaper article from German newspaper

Wales on line

Hamburger Abendblatt

Here are some pictures Astrid made from yesterday’s performance.

















12 thoughts on “Göttinnen unsere Zeit Hamburg -Dame Shirley Bassey-”

  1. Hello Is there a DVD or a CD comming out from here show in Germany?


    Van Marcke Duboisstraat 58 2060 Antwerp Belgium +32 496 17.73.11


  2. Dear Astrid and dear Pieter,
    thank you very much for all the reports and videos from Hamburg,
    and by the way, thanks to be with me here in my hometown.


  3. Let me first say what amazingly steady hands you have with this video Astrid. Thank you for sharing the up close and personal video. Dame Shirley is truly indescribable, her talent is so huge. I have run out of words to express the utter joy that seeing all of this brings me. I feel like a baby robin who’s been fed. I was dying to see or hear anything from yesterdays performance. I can really count on you guys to share Dame Shirley’s loveliness. Please know how grateful I am to you and the blog. And to be able to see the program booklet too. It really made not being there with Jonas and all of you, well…bearable.


  4. Okay….,I know that with this request I am being very greedy, but when it comes to Dame Shirley, I can’t help myself. Any chance of hearing your interview on NDR 2? Even if it is auf Deutsch?


  5. Have just returned home from the concert – Dame Shirley was FABULOUS! and the reception she received was overwhelming; it wasn’t just Shirley who got emotional – I did too and I am sure I wasn’t alone! I was also privileged to meet both Astrid and Pieter and their good friend Dieter; we had a truly wonderful evening. Thank you all for showing the pictures and videos of this truly great night – one I will never forget!


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