Today 5 random newspaper articles from 1985 plus a maxi single from that year from the UK

4 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 539 -1985-”

  1. I remember all these clips, like it was yesterday! I have a photo of DSB in the yellow Zandra Rhodes dress with Grace Jones, Shirley looked a bit worried!
    ‘If You Don’t understand’ was a good song, it did appear in the tours on and off till the mid 90’s.

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  2. Great articles Pieter. I would love to hear more about the mascara situation. I enjoyed reading the lovely critiques in regards to DSB’s Royal Gala performance. She looks lovely in all the photographs and the lovely album cover. Thanks a lot Pieter. 😘


  3. Lovely articles, indeed!
    Zandra Rhodes, my least favourite designer for DSB…. too many angles and squares in my opinion for such a petite woman to wear. But who cares?


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