Interview TV Wales from 1991

Last week I have been going through a batch of old video tapes and I found this little gem: an interview from Welsh TV from 1991. Shirley Bassey being interviewed in her dressing room before a concert. Not many will know this interview and I hope you enjoy it and it is with a huge THANK YOU to Audrey!



4 thoughts on “Interview TV Wales from 1991”

  1. Dear Audrey,

    We don’t know eachother but I can imagine that it must be a tremendous joy that so many admirers of Shirley Bassey still value all the contribution your beloved sister Jean made in her time to this site. This is so worthy and above all, this keeps the memory of Jean alive, even for us admirers, who have not known her!

    Best wishes, Erick

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  2. Thank you Pieter, and thank you Audrey. What a very enjoyable video. I agree with the two above comments in regards to your dear beloved sister Jean. Thanks again Audrey and Pieter.

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