Duets # 10

For this Video Show Case the second duet of Dame Shirley with Mike Douglas. Mike Douglas sings the Frank Sinatra song called ‘Around the world’ and our Dame sings the Patsy Cline song called ‘Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey’. originally called; ‘Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home’. The song was  written in 1902!

Around the world; Written by Norreen, Claus / Rasted, Soren.

Around the world I’ve searched for you
I traveled on till hope was gone to keep a rendezvous
I knew somewhere, sometime, somehow
You’d look at me and I would see the smile you’re smiling now
It might have been in County Down
in ol’  New York, in gay Paris , or even London town
No more will I go all around the world
I found my world in you.

Won’t you come home Bill Bailey; Written by Hughy Cannon

Won’t you come home, Bill Bailey
won’t you come home
I moan the whole night long
I’ll do the cookin’, honey, I’ll pay the rent
I know I’ve done you wrong
Remember that rainy evening I put you out
nothin’ but a fine tooth comb
Well ain’t that a shame, I know I’m to blame, 
Bill Bailey, won’t you please come home.


The year 1969 was also the year Shirley Bassey recorded the album: ‘Does anybody miss me’. The title being very appropriate as she moved that year from the UK to Switzerland.

On the cover of the album Shirley’s wears the dress that she was not allowed to wear on this Mike Douglas Show because it was to revealing.

The ‘Does anybody miss me’ album was re-issued on CD in 2009 by BGO along with the 1968 album ‘This is my life’.

Promotion photo from United Artists Records Germany late sixties/early seventies

2 thoughts on “Duets # 10”

  1. I hurried home from school all week in time to watch Shirley on the Mike Douglas Show. Mike was a great interviewer; put guests at their ease. Really great seeing this duet again after all these years. Thanks!


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