Duets # 24

Today we are reviewing duet # 24 already. When I started this series of duets I did not realize there were so many and there are still lots more to come as we are now going from 1980 up to 2009 which year saw the last duet.

This Video Show Case will show you now the duet Dame Shirley Bassey did with Robert Goulet on her ITV special ‘A special lady’. This special was released on a DVD in 1983 and is still available. Here you can see three different covers of it from different countries.

To visit Robert Goulet’s official website CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “Duets # 24”

  1. Is it my imagination or is the Dame more mellow here in both appearance and singing? She wore 2 old gowns for this special and her face only has minimal make-up. I miss the glamour whenever I watch this TV sepcail.


  2. Absolutely. For TV, Dame Shirley should always be presented with ultra glamour…fancy sparkling earrings, sequined stockings, modern wig, etc.


  3. Thank you Pieter. Excellent articles about DSB. I think she looks really very pretty and vivacious for this broadcast with the handsome, musically talented Robert Goullet. You can see her commitment to exercise really benefits her. . She looks great hair and lovely gown. I’m surprised that Sergio was still acting as her manager at this time. The duet between the two is exceptional. I have to order the video. Thanks a lot Pieter.


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