Bristol Evening Post -Part 6- (Last part) & DSB Quiz!

Today the last part of the Bristol Evening Post with a contribution of Mollie Petrie who is a voice expert AND a Bassey fan.
Read what she has to say about Dame Shirley Bassey and the voice, below.

Also we had an email from Sam Howley from Australia who made a Bassey quiz. So if you want to test your knowledge about your favourite Dame, go ahead and good luck. You can find the answers at the bottom of the page.


I have created a Shirley Bassey quiz at :

People can take the quiz on the web page (click the button at the
bottom to see how well you did) or use the questions for their quiz / trivia nights.

If you think your readers would be interested it would be great if you
could put a link to the quiz on the Bassey Bloy blog.

If you have any feedback on the quiz, how to improve it, or you have a
suggestion for a quiz topic please let me know. I love making quizzes

Sam Howley
Canberra Australia

To start the quiz CLICK HERE  Good Luck!