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Selections+from+Shirley+and+Shirley+BasseyShirley Bassey is a 1961 album by Shirley Bassey, her fifth studio album and her third with EMI/Columbia. Bassey was accompanied by Geoff Love and his orchestra and The Williams Singers (The Rita Williams Singers). The album spent eleven weeks on the charts, beginning in February 1962, and peaking at #14.

The albums ‘Shirley’ and ‘Shirley Bassey’ were released on CD in 1997 by EMI (From Wikipedia)

Goodbye lover cover

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Goodbye lover 3


Goodby lover, hello friend,
Who’d had thought this affair could end?
But we’re intelligent people,
Much too grown up to pretend.

Goodbye lover let’s agree,
We will meet just occasion’lly,

Someday we will discover
Dreams that are broken can mend!

I’d like to run away from you
Leave all my longing behind me.
But what a foolish thing to do,
For how would you know where to find me?

Goodbye lover, go your way.
I will miss you each lonely day.

And when at last you realize,
A love like our love never dies,
I know we’ll be together in the end.

Then I’ll say: Hello lover,
Goodbye friend!