Seesaw Of Dreams was the B-side of the single  No Regrets. It was included on a 1971 compilation LP titled The Fabulous Shirley Bassey. It has been included on compilation CD’s as well. Recorded with Johnny Scott & his Orchestra on November 3rd 1964.

Seesaw of dreams

Seesaw of dreams_02

Seesaw of dreams_03

Seesaw of dreams_04


Seesaw of dreams when I dream;
Yes! No! I am trapped by you!
Up high dreams fly, love me more!
Never! Always! Don’t wake me!

Sun! Rain! Day! Night!
Joy! Pain! Dream!
Cry time! Laugh time!
Stop – time please!

Love me darling,
Don’t leave me!
Seesaw of dreams,
Dream with me!

Softly, gently,
Love me more!
Seesaw of dreams,
Dream with me!
Seesaw, seesaw,
Seesaw, seesaw,

1965 U

2 thoughts on “FROM THE ARCHIVE 275 -1965-”

  1. Thank you very much Pieter. The article is very enlightening and the writer is true with everything he wrote about Dame Shirley. Dame Shirley looks really lovely in the picture attached to the article. Love the lovely dress and her hairstyle. She sings the song beautifully.


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