Record Sleeves From The Past – 16

In 1966 Shirley signed to record for United Artists records and that same year her first album on that label was released.  In the UK it was titled ‘I’ve Got A Song For You’ but in a number of other countries including America it was titled ‘Shirley Means Bassey’.  As far as I know all of them had the same sleeve.

In 1975 United Artists reissued the album in Japan with a completely different sleeve.  It has the same 12 tracks in the same order as the original album.  The photo on the front is one of my very favourite photos of Shirley.  I simply love it.  The back of the sleeve carries a concert photo of Shirley wearing the ‘butterfly’ gown.

As I’ve previously stated I really love these Japanese records as the quality is always excellent and they are presented beautifully.

SB - Shirley means Bassey - Japan

SB - Shirley means Bassey 2 - Japan

SB - Shirley means Bassey 3 - Japan

SB - Shirley means Bassey 4 - Japan

I have no idea if in 1966 United Artists in Japan were planning on releasing the album under the title of ‘On Stage’.  I do have a promo UA album with that title with the original sleeve design and photo.  It has the same 12 tracks but in a different order.  I cannot find out any other details about it or if it was ever released under this title.

SB - On Stage - Japan

SB - On Stage 2 - Japan

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